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In-shop Application

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In-shop Application


Application efficiency (i.e. productivity) is critical for in-shop coatings application. It enables contractors to minimise costs and maximise throughput, but it must not be at the cost of the long-term performance of the coating. 


The SigmaFast product range has been developed with shop application in mind, but not forgetting the needs of the specifier and client. This range focuses on:

  • Productivity (fast curing, curing at low temperatures, easy application)
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Good site performance

The range includes:

  • very fast drying primers - zinc silicate, epoxy and alkyd
  • fast drying alkyd finishes
  • one-coat systems - exceptionally fast drying polyurethane, fast drying epoxy

SigmaFast 210 - two pack, fast curing, polyurethane primer buildcoat / finish coat

SigmaFast 302 - two pack, fast curing silicate zinc epoxy primer 


Below is a selection of Sigma Protective Coatings product ranges designed for in-shop application:


  • SigmaCover
  • SigmaDur
  • SigmaFast
  • SigmaWeld