Our Story

Established in 1722, Sigma Paints is recognized as one of the leading forces in the Decorative, Marine and Protective market segment in the Middle East's paints and coatings industry. Maintaining a heritage of commitment to quality and endless innovation, today we are a reference point in paints and are viewed as the favored coating company in the Middle East.

We were founded in Dammam in 1981 by a consortium of eminent Saudi businessmen in cooperation with SigmaKalon. Sigmakalon was the second largest coatings manufacturer in Europe employing over 12,000 people across 50 countries with an annual turnover of US$2.8 billion. In January 2008, PPG Industries (NYSE: PPG), a US based global supplier of coatings, chemicals, glass and fiber glass and equity affiliates and operating in more than 60 countries worldwide, acquired SigmaKalon. PPG Industries has an annual turnover of US$14 billion.

Leadership to us means to be ahead of the market, offering new ideas, anticipating and providing sustainable solutions to the paint problems of our customers. In order to retain this elevated position, we focus on innovation, dedication and durable protection, the brand values of the company. Our leadership is echoed through innovation and our ability to anticipate the newest trends by offering new ideas and concepts with additional customer support services and by providing the best technological paint solutions; by monitoring the industry and continuously enhancing not only the systems, but also the supply chain and after sales services,
We have a proficient and holistic business approach. Towards this end, we invest continuously in research and development offering the most innovative coating solutions in the region. We provide complete and comprehensive product ranges, as durability comes not only from the finish applied but from a well formulated, compatible, tried and tested full coating system. We harness corporate intelligence and creativity to generate innovative ideas that contribute in building the efficiency, profitability and success of our customer's s' businesses. Being part of the PPG Group of Industries, a global company, our operations position us as the largest coating manufacturer in the world. Yet we remain humble in our approach and accessible to all of our customers, regardless if they are the world's largest oil company or individuals looking to paint their majlis.

Our commitment to quality was recognized in 1994 when we became the first paints and coatings company in Saudi Arabia to receive ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Our coating systems are specially designed to endure the most aggressive climatic conditions prevalent throughout the Middle East; providing durability, reliability and protection. Before any new product is introduced to the market, our Research & Development laboratories do extensive product testing, including field testing and accelerated weathering – mimicking real life exposure conditions - to ensure that the performance of the products are equal to the challenge of the real life environment to which they will be exposed. Maintaining the highest standards of production, results in optimum product performance which requires stringent and consistent quality control procedures. Careful strategic planning ensures that our production facilities can meet the demand for products without sacrificing quality, consistency or reliability. Our dedicated quality control specialists ensure that every manufactured product meets our high standards. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and protection of the environment. We continue to incorporate sustainable solutions during R&D since we believe we have a responsibility to provide eco-friendly products, which benefit future generations. Our belief in product stewardship means this environmental protection is centered on our products and our aim is to minimize their environmental impact.

Our enduring business success incorporates much more than mere innovative concepts and smart strategies. Our continuing success is built on strong core foundations and is evidently displayed through our inherent ability to anticipate customer demands and provide unique solutions in an ever changing global market. We service the needs of the three main market segments – Decorative, Protective and Marine with more than 40,000 product formulations. These, when combined with our advanced coating technology and manufacturing expertise, effectively and economically meet the demands of the current global markets and our local customer base.

Our goal is to remain the market leader and the reference in paints. We also want to be looked upon as a pioneer and the favored coatings company across the Middle East. We do not measure our success in terms of Dollars, Euros, Riyals or Dinars, as this can easily be achieved through the production and sales of low-quality economy grade paints, but as a provider of added value through ambition, expertise, innovation and commitment. Our business is a people business in which we strive to develop and maintain the very best relationships with all our stakeholders.

We respond to and promote society's basic needs in protecting and decorating their business investments and living environments. We will continue to combine our sharp customer insight with an efficient production of superior and innovative product ranges, which are supported by dedicated and strategic distribution platforms. We also retain qualified and trained professional sales and after sales support teams.

We are an efficient organization that offers rewarding opportunities and a pleasant working environment for our customer-focused, highly motivated staff. We are dedicated to our customers, partners, shareholders and employees; and we aim to further advance our reputation for expertise, integrity and reliability. We care about our people and truly believe they are our most important asset.

Our business is in the provision of long-lasting solutions for the decoration and protection of our customers' assets. We strive to ensure beneficial and durable partnerships as durability is our motto that we apply through all phases of our operation, plus, we aim at preserving our global environment by providing technologically advanced solutions that lead to durable protection for every project. This results in longer service life and less maintenance, as well as a lower consumption of energy and increased security for our assets and our planet.