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Sigmascan is a range of fiberglass cloth to cover walls and ceilings in order do decorate and masking quickly and efficiently surface imperfections. They provide a perfect surface to paint on.
Product Name Pack Sizes Technical Data Sheet Available Colors


Extremely strong glassfibre interior wall and ceiling fabric covering designed to decorate and reinforce various substrates, masking surface imperfections.

50mx1m roll 0880-1005 0880-1009 0880-1010 0880-1023 0880-1024 0880-10300880-01390880-0195 8 patterns, color determined by the finish product/system

Sigmascan Glue

Adhesive based on a modified polyvinylacetate copolymer developed to give optimal adhesion between Sigmascan and the substrate.

1 USG /15 L 0881 White Yellow Black

Thinner 90-53

For use as a general cleaning solvent for the celaning of tools and equipment after use of epoxy paints.

1 L/5L /20L 0153 Clear liquid