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Sigma answers all your coating needs in the wider sense possible. We have developed specific products for special application and to help the painter in his work.
Product Name Pack Sizes Technical Data Sheet Available Colors

Sigma Paint Cleaner Degreaser

Biodegradable paint cleaner and general purpose degreaser.

10 L 0800 Clear

Sigma Paint Remover

Paste like stripping compound based on non flammable solvents removes old alkyd paints and some types of epoxy, emulsion and polyurethane.

5 L 0893 Clear

Sigma Roof-Flex

Single component elastomeric waterproofing material with ultra violet light resistant pigments.

15L 0847 WhiteLight colorson request

Sigma Bituminous Emulsion

Barrier coating based on emulsified bitumen, developed to prevent water penetration into concrete and wood. Flexible and impermeable.

15 L/20 L 0899 Dark BrownBlack

Sigma Ebrodur

Clear copolymer additive to improve the hardness and thickness of plasters and mortars.

1 USG /15 L 0853 Clear

Sigma Hi-Mark Traffic Paint

Road and pavement marking paint based on a blend of modified alkyds and chlorinated rubber.

1USG/18L 0892 WhiteYellowBlack

Sigma Road Marking Paint WB

Water based road and pavement marking paint conforming to environmental specifications.

1 USG /15 L 0898 White Yellow Black

Sigma Tennis Court Paint

Chlorinated rubber coating pigmented with inert pigments, suitable for application to concrete and asphalt surfaces.

1 L1 USG /20 L 0894 White Green Brick Red

Sigmacover 280

Two component corrosion inhibiting all surfaces epoxy cured primer.

1 L/SL /20L 7417 Red-brownGreenEggshell

Sigmacover 480

Two component chemical resistant multipurpose epoxy coating to use over a wide range of primed substrates. Over-coated with PU for external use.

1L/ SL /20L 7441 RAL Sigma Coatingcolor card


Sigmacover 211

Two component polyamide cured epoxy primer for use over a wide range of substrate types.

1 USG /15 L 7406 WhiteRed-brown

Sigmaguard CSF

Two components solvent free amine cured epoxy coating approved for potable water tanking. 100% solid content.

20 L 7785 Blue