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Interior Primers

Primers to ensure perfect adhesion of your system for a long lasting protection and decoration.

Product Name Pack Sizes Technical Data Sheet Available Colors

Sigma Acrylic Primer Sealer

High quality interior/exterior primer sealer. for sealing & priming porous cement type substrates and boards.

1 USG /15 L 0852 White 4 light colors

Sigma Interior Primer

Interior primer with good adhesion properties, easy to apply, suitable for interior application to plaster, brickwork, concrete rendered surfaces and the majority of cement type building surfaces with low VOC level. 

approx. 1.3g/cm3 0850 white – flat

Sigma Masonry Primer

Waterborne impregnation primer formulated to penetrate deep into masonry surfaces interior.

1 USG /15 L 0805 White

Sigmacolor Undercoat

Solvent borne undercoat based on alkyd resins, used as a primer for softwoods and composites, a build coat in alkyd systems and a tie coat between old alkyd and new waterborne coating systems interior and exterior use.

1 USG /18L 0811 White light colors on request

Sigmafix Primer

Premium quality solvent borne multi-purpose primer sealer for use on concrete, cement, gypsum, gypsum board and softwood timbers, based on modified acrylic resin, alkali resistant, impregnating and adhesion promoting primer, clear or pigmented types available

1 USG /18 L 0804 Clear and white

Sigmacryl Prim Ecoplus

Premium quality ecological waterborne interior wall and ceiling primer. Foundation coat for Sigmacryl Eco Plus finishes, independently certified by the European Eco-label.

1 USG /15 L 0947 White