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Interior Fillers

Interior Fillers to prepare the walls, corrects levelling problems and smoothen surface for a perfect finish.
Product Name Pack Sizes Technical Data Sheet Available Colors

Aquafill Aquafiller Fine

Interior filler developed for filling/smoothing of internal cement based building materials.

1 USG /25kg I35kg 0864 Off-white

Sigma Pva Wallfiller

High quality interior filler/skim coat for concrete, cement and renders.

1 USG /25kg 0803 Off-white

Sigma Concrete Filler

Interior/exterior premium quality repair filler developed for the filling of cracks and surface imperfections in concrete and cement based building materials.

1 USG /25kg 0896 Off-white

Sigmarite WL Filler

Two component polyamide cured epoxy surface filler ideal for use as a skim coat for filling grain on wood and profile on concrete and render.

5 Kg 0897 White

Sigmacryl Fill Ecoplus

Premium quality interior waterborne repair filler/leveling putty for use on plasters, cement and renders, formulated for use within the Ecoplus system.

1 USG /25kg 0953 Off-white