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Sigmulto Fonoun

Feel the Sensation of Magic Art

Sigmulto Fonoun is inspired by the legacy of Italian artists by using new innovatively designed materials that combine quality and luxury to stimulate new sensations. Sigmulto Fonoun is a water-based pearlescent interior finish consisting of a colored basecoat and a special selected pearlescent powder to create the effect you desire.
Sigmulto Fonoun is available in 42 different colors: 6 basecoats -Sunshine Brightness, Tender Red, Glamour of Brown, Dazzling Mystery, Ocean Tranquility and Pure Emeralds. After you select one of the unique 6 colors from the basecoat, you can create the desired effect by adding one of the following selected pearlescent powders - Silver, Gold, Vert, Violet, Yellow, Blue and Rose

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Sigmulto Fonoun

Unique decorative water based pearlescent interior finish consisting of color particles; designed to be applied over Sigmacryl Flat, providing amazing effects.

2L 0970 Sigmulto Fonoun color card