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Sigmulto Effino

Touch of Italian style

Imagine being in Florence, Rome or Venice and breathe in the real Italian atmosphere. Now you are able to transform your desired area into something unique. Just by adding a touch of Italian style with Sigmulto Effino.
Sigmulto Effino gives interiors a soft and lively shading, as if the walls were draped with velvet. Choose one of the two different patterns, which fit your personality and taste. You can find the two different patterns within each of the 8 color groups based on the Sigma Colors & Lifestyle concept. The third application is a combination of two Sigmulto Effino colors that result in creative and personal decorative effects.You will accomplish the best visible effect by combining a light and darker color.

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Sigmulto Effino

Unique highly decorative waterborne extra matt finish for subtle shadow effect with an real Italian touch for interior walls perfect for both residential and professional environments.

1 USG /15L 0972 Sigmulto Effino Color Card, 40 colors