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Sigmulto Amouage

Let the rare beauty of precious stones surrounds you at home

Through out history, humans kept and treated precious stones in the highest esteem; and with no doubt will continue to treasure it in all ages to come. Precious stones have been found in monuments of prehistoric peoples, including different civilizations like the Pharaohs of Egypt, the Incas and the Montezumas.
These gifts from nature had major significance that went beyond the idea that such stones are for sole use only, precious stones can be used for jewelry, cloth and decoration. Sigma Paints are now giving you the opportunity to combine modern luxury with the majesty of the different civilizations, through Sigmulto Amouage.
Sigmulto Amouage offers a distinguished rainbow of colors derived from precious metals like Gold, silver, copper and others.
Sigmulto Amouage is a bold touch that reflects the real you.

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Sigmulto Amouage

Unique highly decorative metallic pearl finish designed to applied in conjunction with Sigmulto Pharos, based on high quality waterborne synthetic resins with pearlescent pigments.

0.75 L 0905 Gold, Silver, Bronze