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Antique Finishes

Express your imagination with unlimited multi color effects!

Classic is never ending trend that always finds its way back to our imagination and into our homes. Beauty and attractiveness comes from your imagination.
The vast range of classic antique and modern techniques is now at your disposal. Sigma Paints through its antique finishes invites you to create your own world of inspiration. Sigmulto Glaze & Sigmulto Expression allow you apply unlimited antique effects achievable by a variety of decorative tools.
Sigmulto Glaze & Sigmulto Expression adds remarkable touch to your lifestyle!

Product Name Pack Sizes Technical Data Sheet Available Colors

Sigmulto Expressions

High quality decorative multi-effect water based wall paint.

1L/5 L 0890 Over 100 selected SCS colors

Sigmulto Glaze

High quality solvent based semi transparent decorative glaze coating for creating multi-effect patterns.

1 L 0920 NCS and SCS