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High End Decorative Finishes

Your home is your little world

We all seek comfort and relaxing atmosphere in our homes. There are many factors which contribute to achieving that; the total decoration concept in our homes is indeed a major factor. Our homes reflect our personality; the colors, shades and effects; all talk about us. We are all different, each with unique characteristics. So choosing a decoration concept that talks about us can be sometimes complex, we hesitate and go through dilemma in what really reflects us and in what would really provide our desired theme and ambience.
Since its establishment, Sigma Paints strived to introduce to the market variety of products & colors; each having unique effect that talk about a particular personality and which provide world of inspirations.
Sigmulto Range which includes a range of products, provides various decorative concepts, each concept talks about a particular personality and suggest a distinctive lifestyle. All Sigmulto products have a story and history.
There are not limits to imaginations, we are here to inspire you!
Welcome to the Sigmulto world, which opens a world of inspirations!!