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Nature provides us with countless benefits that are essential (air, water, sunshine). One the other hand, nature also brings elements which can have a harmful effect on us and our living environment; (humidity, dust storms, ultraviolet and infrared rays). When these elements of nature are combined with the manmade elements, such as pollution, then they create a very unhealthy and harmful environment. Therefore, it is essential to protect ourselves and our surroundings from these critical conditions.
Pollution, moisture, strong sunshine and sand storms harm our surroundings by degrading our buildings, making them unattractive and causing the early breakdown of the paint systems. The tools & technologies which can help resist these challenges on facades are now available at Sigma paints to ensure ultimate protection. Sigma Paints through its exterior smooth finishes & textures, provides outstanding protection. The attributes of the exterior range from Sigma have been specially formulated to face the above challenges.