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  • 15 What is the difference between water base, alkyd, epoxy and polyurethane paint?


  • 16 What is the difference between flat, silk, semi, gloss and gloss paint?


  • 17 Can I apply water base paint over a surface which was previously painted with other type of pain?


  • 18 I want to repaint my house but I don’t want to move out during the paint process and want minimal distraction, so do I need to remove the paint which is already on the wall or can I repaint on top of it?


  • 19 What are causes for paint failures?


  • 20 How can I avoid paint failures?


  • 21 I recently painted my house but I already see problems on some surfaces, I don’t know what caused this or how to fix it. Can you advice what is the problem and propose a solution?