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Eco Protection

Eco Protection

Sigma Paints is a long-standing established corporation that endeavors and empowers people to live and paint in a more sustainable way.

Eco Protection Logo

The Eco Protection Logo takes it essence from our strong belief of preserving the ecosystem by providing durable and innovative solutions with the LOW-VOC products we proudly produce.

The globe icon stands for ourcommitment to protect the earth as a whole while the vivid colors (gre, blue, orange) provide a healthy and sustainable surrounding. 

Why Eco Protection

Throughout the world, we see an increasing awareness towards sustainability. This topic is more and more influencing the purchasing behavior of consumers and also the way corporations run their business. In line with this trends, we see an increasing demand for paint concepts that give a positive contribution towards a more sustainable environment. 

In Europe, we even see that different laws have been implemented to ensure a more sustainable living. For example, there are guidelines specific for coatings which indicate what the maximum VOC levels allowed for each product are. 

Besides the legislations part in Europe, we also see more and more an increase in building specifications that promotes a total “green” concept. This means that not only building materials which are used meet the required ecological standards, but also the way and the location of the building. Inline with these concepts, there are different independent organizations such as LEED, Green Seal and MPI that give guidelines regarding VOC levels in paints. 

Being Part of PPG, the world’s largest coatings company, Sigma Paints follows profound ecological ethics and continues to honor its global responsibility. We are pioneers in introducing many of the innovations that lessen adverse impact on our planet. 

Therefore, Sigma Paints has developed the “ECO-Protection” logo in its quest to provide durable and innovative solutions to our living environment. When this logo is used on our products it indicates that it meets the specific VOC criteria set by the most commonly used legislation. 

This logo can be found on the label and the technical datasheet of those specific products. This makes it easy for architects, consultants and contractors to select our products. 

We operate in line with the company’s honorable heritage which dates back to over 3 centuries, balancing a successful business whilst promoting initiatives to secure a sustainable environment.



Sigma Paints Decorative Products
Generic Type Number Name
PRIMERS Waterborne 0805 Sigma Masonry Primer
0850 Sigma Interior Primer
0852 Sigma Acrylic Primer Sealer
0907 Sigma Guardian Primer
FILLER Waterborne 0908 Sigma Guardian Filler
0864 Aquafill Wallfiller Fine
0803 PVA Wallfiller
0896 Sigma Concrete Filler
FLAT FINISH Waterborne 0842 Sigmacryl Flat
0840 Aquamat
0841 Perfex
0872 Sigma Décor
0906 Sigma Guardian Nano
0926 Sigma Guardian Coat
0898 Sigma Road Marking paint WB
0925 External Topcoat
NONFLAT FINISH Waterborne 0839 Sigmacryl Silk
0844 Sigmacryl Semi Gloss
0846 Sigmacryl High Gloss
0942 Sigmacryl Premium ABF
0847 Sigma Roof Flex
0909 Sigma Guardian Flex
TEXTURES Waterborne 0810 Sigma Spray Plaster
0815 Sigma Textured MP
0838 Sigmaputz Fine
0832 Sigmaputz 1MM
0834 Sigmaputz 2MM
0930 Sigma Fine Texture
0931 Sigma Medium Texture
0831 Sigmaputz Extra Fine
0932 Sigma Profile 4MM
0935 Sigma Guardian Shell Coarse
0936 Sigma Guardian Shell Medium
0937 Sigma Guardian Shell Fine
0833 Sigma River 3MM
0835 Sigma River 5MM
0828 Sigma Texture WR
0875 Sigmulto Kiros