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Language of Colors

Language of Colors

 Colors are an essential ingredient in the conceptualization of all living spaces. Aesthetics are a crucial element in pleasing clients. Colors are defined by feelings, just like tailor made suits, colors have to reflect our personality and provide the “perfect fit”.

Many consumers always think of renovating their apartments, offices, etc.. The main issue that faces every single consumer is what kind of colors work together, and how this color combination reflects the ideas they have in their heads and the feelings they have in their hearts.

Sigma Paints SA has the solution……….

Following years of intensive research into consumer needs and behaviour when it comes to making decisions concerning interior design and more specifically colors, we managed to develop together with major Middle Eastern and European suppliers a whole new concept of inspiration that is a key to making the right color decision.


  • Natural green


  • Yellow Ochre


  • Sienna Brown


  • Orange Terra


  • Warm Red


  • Mystic Purple


  • Cool Blue


  • Mineral Grey