Sigmacryl Ecoplus

Sigmacryl Ecoplus

Beyond Environmental Conformity

Sigmacryl Ecoplus Matt
Sigmacryl Ecoplus Satin

Main Characteristics

- Waternborne finish paints

- 0 VOC

- Flat or silk finish

- Very high scrub resistance

- Excellent opacity

- Odourless

Test Certificates: Certified by European Ecolabel

Environmental Performance.

The Sigmacryl Ecoplus product range carries the EU Eco-label. The 'Flower' is a unique certification program requiring conformity to the strictest of European Environmental Legislation.

This label certifies: The highest product performance.

0 VOC; no harmful emissions.

Products contains no harmful chemicals.

Raw materials are obtained from sustainable sources.

The process of manufacture meets strict environmental criteria.