Sigmacryl Anti-Fungi

Sigmacryl Anti-Fungi

Prevent is better than cure

Sigmacryl Flat AF (Anti-Fungus)
Sigmacryl Silk AF (Anti-Fungus)

Main Characteristics

- Waternborne finish paints

- Resistant to fungi, mould and algae

- Flat or silk finish

- Scrub resistant

- Low VOC

- Low odour

Fungi and Mould

Fungi and mould begin life as microscopic airborne spores that germinate on contact with organic matter in the presence of moisture, more than 1.5 million species of fungi exist

Dangers from Fungi and Mould:

Destruction of the affected material and a health risk from the inhalation of spores

Fighting Fungi and Mould:

Control moisture and humidity levels. Employ products which resist mould and fungal growth. Sigmacryl Flat AF, Sigmacryl Silk AF.


Mosses, Lichens and Seaweeds. Simple plant-like organisms which appear in various sizes from microscopic to large visible forms.

Dangers from Algae:

Algae’s do not present any significant hazard to human health. Algae can be unsightly on buildings and can damage surfaces.