Sigma Green Innovations

Sigma Green Innovations

Inline with the global initiatives and with our duties towards the environment, Sigma paints Saudi Arabia introduced an unprecedented zero VOC paint system in 2010. 

VOC’s Volatile Organic Compounds are organic chemicals that readily vaporize at room temperature. They are called organic because they contain the element carbon in their molecular structures. VOCs include a very wide range of individual substances, such as hydrocarbons, halocarbons and oxygenates. These substances are very harmful to our environment and our health. 

The new Zero VOC product range from Sigma, formed a leap further in its compliance with the highest environmental standards. The new range consist of water based products are absolutely 'clean' paints with no harmful substances for human beings. 

1st Pure Clean Product in The Region
Sigma’s latest innovative product range Sigmacryl Ecoplus is a tribute to the environment and human health. Sigmacryl Ecoplus is the first "0" VOC paint system in Arabia. It does not only represent the highest sustainability paint concept in the Middle East but across the globe, it is extremely durable high quality paint system. Sigmacryl Ecoplus product range carries the famous EU Eco-label, the 'Flower', which stands for a unique certification meeting the very strictest environmental rules in Europe. 

The main characteristics of these durable and high quality interior wall paints are:

  • ‘Clean’ paint. No harmful substances to human beings
  • Less harmful for the environment
  • Wide range of colors
  • Can be easily cleaned

While other ecological paint systems meet ecological standards and conform to the specific VOC (volatile organic compounds) criteria, Sigmacryl Ecoplus goes much further by holding the ECO-LABEL, and therefore is the most sustainable paint concept in the Middle East up to date. 

Environmental & Performance Criteria for the Eco Label
Sigmacryl Ecoplus product range carries the EU Eco-label, the ‘Flower’, which stands for a unique certification meeting the strictest environmental rules in Europe. 

This label guarantees the following aspects:
Health and environmental considerations
Raw materials usage conforming to strict ecological criteria
Technical properties which are equal to normal products
The Flower logo, launched in 1992, is widely recognized all over Europe and providing consumers a chance to buy products that inflict less damage on the environment. 

Choosing a product with the ‘Flower’ label is one more way to reduce our ecological footprint. 

Sigma Eco Protection Concept
We operate in line with the company’s honorable heritage which dates back to over 3 centuries, balancing a successful business whilst promoting initiatives to secure a sustainable environment. Being Part of PPG, the world’s largest coatings company, Sigma Paints follows profound ecological ethics and continues to honor its global responsibility. We are pioneers in introducing many of the innovations that lessen adverse impact on our planet. 

Sigma Paints has developed the “ECO-Protection” concept in its quest to provide durable and innovative solutions to our living environment. Sigma’s Eco Protection concept includes products that meet specific VOC criteria set by the most commonly used legislations: LEED, Green Seal and MPI. Products that meet such standards are marked with a special logo: Eco Protection Logo. 

Eco Protection Logo
In 2010 Sigma paints launched the eco protection logo across a wide range of its products. The Eco Protection Logo takes it essence from our strong belief of preserving the ecosystem by providing durable and innovative solutions with the LOW-VOC products which we proudly produce. The ‘Eco Protection’ logo indicates that products bearing the logo are: water-based, lead-free and contain low amounts of VOC (volatile organic compounds). The products with the eco protection logo have been extensively tested by independent labs. The Eco Protection logo can be found on the label and the technical datasheet of specific products. This makes it easy for architects, consultants and contractors to select our products. 

When this logo is used on our products, it indicates that the product meets the specific VOC criteria set by the most commonly used legislations. 

The globe icon stands for our commitment to protect the earth as a whole while the vivid colors (grey, blue, orange) provide a healthy and sustainable surrounding.