Sigma & the Environment

Sigma & the Environment

The degradation of nature due to human practices becoming major concern across the world, worries about the impact of environmental damages on health, safety and future generations are increasing.

Sigma Paints Saudi Arabia (A brand of PPG) since its establishment was concerned about the environment. Our environmental anxiety made it important for us to show positive behavior in our practices toward the environment.

We believe that it is not enough to talk about the environment but most important is to demonstrate an active concern for the environment. We are proud that we practice the same message that we enforce to consumers. For decades, PPG has been committed to making products and pursuing business practices that help sustain a healthy global environment.

Importing European Green Culture
The world increased awareness for sustainability is impacting consumer behavior and trends in the professional world. There is a rapid increase in the number of European consumers who are realizing more and more, the role that every individual plays in contributing to live in a better environment, by consciously seeking and buying products that inflict less damage to earth. Consequently, companies are re-evaluating their processes and specifications in pursuit towards a more sustainable world. Green buildings are becoming a standard in Europe. At present, paint has to meet ever more stringent guidelines; low or Zero toxic substances. Clearly, the European construction industry demonstrates responsible behavior. More and more consultants take pride in their green designs and specifications.

Sigma paints takes pride in importing this European green culture and providing green paint solutions suitable for the regional climate.

Ecological Pioneer in the region
Being an acknowledged trendsetter in the Middle Eastern paint world, Sigma Paints Saudi Arabia carry a responsibility as others will follow in our footsteps. We are delighted that our green concepts are now being imitated by other paint manufacturers. This is beneficial for the society; the environment and human health, thus we are fulfilling our mission of taking care of the environment and people in a broader scale.