Sigma (A PPG Brand) Green Practices

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Sigma (A PPG Brand) Green Practices

Energy Security & Climate Change
As the world’s leading coatings and specialty products’ company, PPG recognizes its responsibility to address two of the critical issues facing the world today: energy security and climate change. There is a scarcity of energy, and many believe changes occurring in the climate pose risks to health, the environment and the global economy. 

Growing competition for reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy is a keen concern to PPG. 

PPG is taking this issue seriously. In 2007, PPG formed an Energy Security and Climate Change steering committee, charged with developing and implementing strategies related to global energy security and climate change. Subcommittees are charged with developing and implementing strategies on energy security, global climate change domestic advocacy; energy and greenhouse gas emissions; markets, products and services; and communications. 

In late 2007, PPG announced its intent to reduce its total energy intensity 25 percent from 2006 to 2016 and its total global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 10 percent from 2006 to 2011. The reduction of GHG emissions demonstrates PPG’s corporate-wide commitment to improving the global environment and increasing the efficiency of its operations. 

In addition to taking action to reduce emissions, PPG continues to improve its energy efficiency. The company reduced its energy use by just over 1 percent annually each of the last five years, saving about $40 million overall. Meeting its new energy savings goal would realize a savings of $15 to $20 million a year at today's energy prices. 

Throughout its operations, PPG actively pursues initiatives that support regional sourcing, reduce the environmental impact of packaging, make products easier to recycle or dispose, and encourage the use of alternative energy. 

PPG continues to develop strategic energy management plans that consider suppliers, internal business and operations strategies and investments, product-development strategies, and customers’ needs. PPG is bringing together its innovative talent, global reach, and technology to bring new products and processes to market that will reduce energy usage and bring new ecological solutions to its customers. 

Sigma Paints being, a business unit of PPG, sticks to PPG standards towards Energy Security and Climate Change. 

Green Products
Across PPG business units including Sigma Paints Saudi Arabia, PPG is concentrating on making and marketing environmentally responsible products and have developed a range of leading products that significantly improve customer and end-users’ environmental performance. We are proud that we extensively source environmentally save raw materials, even if these materials cost more than those that might be unsafe for the environment.