Healthy Building Solution

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Healthy Building Solution

Color plays a significant and important role in our every day lives, the influential aspects and psychological effects that color brings is relevant to both our home and working environments.

In the specific sector of Healthcare the psychological and positive influences of color can provide not only a stimulating, efficient and user friendly environment but can also actively promote well-being and recovery.

Having identified these positive color elements and in combination with a range of specifically selected, high performing, environmentally friendly paints for the individual areas within healthcare facilities, Sigma Paints introduce SigmaCare, the complete package of color and product services.

The SigmaCare color selections and color combinations are directly linked to our Colors and Lifestyle concept, the professionally formulated and scientifically based use of individual colors and specific color combinations.

Each and every industry or market sector has their own specific requirements when it comes to paints, coating systems and of equal importance, the selection of colors. SigmaCare addresses specifically and directly the needs of healthcare facilities, as well as the needs of the environment, whether it is a new build construction project or the repair and maintenance of an existing healthcare facility.

Health and Hygiene are the prime considerations throughout these facilities and the individual paint systems must be able to withstand not only the everyday wear and tear of human traffic but also the vigorous cleaning procedures common in these facilities.

Specific areas such as treatment rooms, intensive care units and recovery rooms are identified, the paint systems in these critical areas must eliminate the risks associated with cross contamination or the spread of harmful bacteria.

Other functional areas of healthcare are also included within the SigmaCare concept, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry facilities, where there is a higher risk of mould growth due to steam and or condensation. The health risks from the fungi and mould spores are well documented, an anti-fungus paint system therefore is essential.

In addition to the functional aspects of maintaining and promoting Health and Hygiene, color plays a pivotal role in the SigmaCare concept. Particular attention is given to the beneficial psychological and positive influences of color as well as the advantageous use of color as both a directional aid and in the identification of various individual areas.