The Sigmacryl Ecoplus product range
carries the EU Eco-label. The 'Flower' is
a unique certification program requiring
conformity to the strictest of European
Environmental Legislation.
This label certifies:
The highest product performance.
- 0
VOC; no harmful emissions.
Products contains no harmful
Raw materials are obtained from
sustainable sources.
The process of manufacture meets
strict environmental criteria.
Sigmacryl Ecoplus
VOC Levels
Market Standard
Going beyond mere conformity,
Sigmacryl Ecoplus.
There are countless third party environmental certification programs
and associated product certification programs throughout the world and
adopting and conforming to these individual programs can be a challenge,
particularly in countries where there is no current legislation or legal obligation
to do so. The acceptance criteria for compliance varies across the individual
certification programs in each identified criteria, therefore in order to ensure
conformity in all areas and to all certification programs Sigma Paints
introduce the Sigmacryl Ecoplus range, products which exceed all current
environmental requirements.
VOC Levels in Paints
The Eco label and Flower logo,launched
in 1992, is recognised throughout
Europe and the world providing
consumers the opportunity to actively
contribute in the preservation of
our environment. Products bearing
this label and safer to use, inflict less
damage on the environment and
reduce our ecological footprint.