Orange colours and terra cotta hues are all
about cosiness and warmth. They have a
balancing and stimulating effect, and add
a dignified and proud look to healthcare.
Orange hues also reflect positive feelings,
such as loyalty, generosity and optimism.
Red colours have a most powerful effect.
They are vibrant and active, dynamic and confident.
They grab your attention and express themselves in
power, love and passion. These are colours that
have a great emotional impact
on people and the entire surroundings.
Purple colours add a precious and dignified
touch to a location. The lighter hues are very
tender and soft, while the more intense hues
create a mysterious and magical atmosphere.
Purple hues also stand for unexpected
and dreamy atmospheres.
Our source of life, the combination of water and air,
is reflected in blue colours. They have a broadening,
as well as a calming and refreshing effect. They can
add a reserved and reliable touch to your interior.
Blue hues make a room feel more open and airy.
They also support various atmospheres,
such as traditional, serene, regal and classic.
Grey colours are often experienced as
business-like and neutral. However,
they can often make a worthy and aesthetic
contribution to a colour combination.
Grey hues are also essential to add a
modern and design touch.