Yellow colours radiate warmth and positivity.
Thanks to their cheerful and pleasant effect on
our feelings, you can create an atmosphere of
happiness, vitality and joy. Yellow hues stand
for inspiration, creativity and cosiness.
With brown colours and earthy hues,
you add bring a sense of safety and warmth
into a place. Thanks to their strong
connection with our planet, they give us
a feeling of security and stability.
These colours also result from metal hues,
such as copper, bronze and gold, so they
can be combined perfectly with these.
The Colours & Lifestyle concept is designed
for both the consultant and the customer
and is ordered in 8 colour groups.
This has the advantage that one can
choose very quickly in the preferences
of colour perception.
Each colour group has its own special value
for the different needs of customers.
By bringing green colours into the healthcare,
you can introduce a sense of tranquillity and calmness.
Because of their strong connection with nature,
greens give us a feeling of protection and reliability.
Green hues also reflect relaxation,
hope and balance.